Roads Department

A program component to maintain, repair and service roads and bridges that are part of the Road System. The purpose of the Roads Maintenance Program is to preserve, upkeep, and restore roads, right-of-way structures as nearly as possible or practicable to their original condition as constructed. The roads will be conserved and that a safe and usable road is provided for the traveling public.

Regular Maintenance surface pavement patching, surface blading, slope maintenance, weed control, repair to bridge railing, ditch cleaning, culvert pipe cleanout, removing small slides, repairing minor flood damages, sign replacement and other incident routine work required to keep roads in reasonably good condition and perform regularly on main traffic roads.

Regular maintenance shall be performed on 86.6 miles of Fort Mojave Indian Tribe Roads.

Contact Information:

Fort Mojave Indian Tribal Roads Department

Mailing Address
500 Merriman Street
Needles, CA   92363

Physical Address
6159 Utility Road
Mohave Valley, AZ  86440

Phone (928)330-2045
Fax (928) 330-2047

Summer Hours: 6:00 am-2:30pm
Winter Hours: 7:00 am- 3:30 pm

Monday thru Friday